Child Nutrition and Development

For a neonate, mother’s milk is the best nutrition which he can get. Hence, breastfeeding becomes an important part of the diet for the child’s proper growth. Mother’s milk has such nutrition which even the baby food fed as a supplement to mother’s milk cannot provide. Even still breastfeeding is suggested up to six months aged . After 6-24 months they need to be fed with “complementary food” since after 6 months aged , the milk alone isn't sufficient for the kid . Malnutrition thanks to negligence to diet during this era of growth are often very difficult to reverse. Infants and Children by the age of 21 have a growing and changing body. Due to this they nutritional needs keeps changing with their age and development of the body. A pediatric nutritionist looks after the dietary needs of infants as well as adolescents. During the prenatal stage, the growth depends completely on the mother’s nutrition.

• Physical growth

• Allergies

• Low Birth Weight

• Health and Wellness

• Obesity

• Breastfeeding